What is Guest Blogging and How it Helps in SEO

What is guest blogging how it helps in SEO
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What is Guest Blogging and How it Helps in SEO

Even with quality content, it is difficult for a new blog to catch extensive audience and rank in search engine. This is where other strategies, such as link building comes in handy. It helps you reach a wider audience by attaining a link from another website. There are several ways to build a link, and guest blogging is one of the most organic link building techniques. With this, we move on to what is guest blogging and how it helps in SEO?

What is Guest Blogging?

The term refers to writing an article to be published on another blog or website. It is not as easy as it sounds yet not so hard either (if that makes any sense). All blogs and websites don’t allow guest blogging; you have to make an effort (to avoid a penalty by Google) into finding a website relevant to your niche and then pitch in a request to allow guest posting. We will start by elaborating types of guest blogging content, then further move on to its benefits in SEO and guidelines on submitting a guest post.

Types of Guest Blogging Content:

Guest blogging content

Informative Articles:

Writing on a unique yet informative topic ensures user engagement. Informative articles are ideal for guest blogging because it engages target audience that has a background knowledge on a specific niche and is more like to stick around craving for more information on the subject of interest.


Articles that cover interview are an excellent choice for guest blogging. If you do not have the time to conduct a proper interview request the interviewee to answer a list of questions (via e-mail) that you have compiled.

Personal Stories/Case studies:

Although personal stories provide very rich content for guest blogging, make sure it doesn’t turn in to self-promotion.


There is a reason that listing in content writing is trending these days; in their fast-paced lives, people do not have the time to go through extremely long blog posts. They are looking for a quick read that covers the intent. Examples of listing include articles such as; “top 7 holiday destinations” or “Top ten DIY summer crafts”

How to:

How to guides covers a wide array of users specific queries. Examples of this blogging content are; How to recipes, how to health and beauty guides.

Cheat Sheets and Checklist:

Checklists and cheat sheets provide your target audience with a sense of accomplishment a sense of satisfaction that they have achieved so and so set of goals. Example of the checklist; 20 Hiking essentials, 10 habits to adopt for higher productivity.

Benefits of Guest Blogging; How it Helps in SEO:

In addition to link building, there are several benefits of guest blogging, which we will be discussing next.

Strengthens Domain Name and Builds Authority on Search Engine:

Guest blogging is a great way for new websites to build authority online; by associating themselves with top bloggers. Of course, offering quality content backed up with authentic references and numbers is a prerequisite.

Helps with Link Building:

We already know the importance of link building in SEO. Guest posting is one of the best ways to build quality links from high authority websites. But you cannot assume that merely by guest blogging, the website will start performing relatively better; google is smart and only takes backlinks from “relevant” websites into consideration.

Gain Organic Traffic:

Having more quality backlinks means you will perform better, this, in turn, will improve organic traffic to your website. Even if it is e-commerce, you need to target the right audience in a relevant niche to increase chances of a sale. When crawlers visit your website they tend to analyze the quality of links along with content and use it to rank the website.

Build a Subscriber Base:

Your chances of getting more subscribers drastically increase when traffic via guest post starts coming in. Why is it essential to build a subscriber base? This helps you reach your target audience; an audience that is already interested in this specific niche. The subscriber base also boosts your click-through rates.

Social Media Profile:

Building a social network is an integral component of brand credibility and awareness. Your brand can get a boost with the help of people in position on social media such as facebook, twitter, Linkedin Guest blogging helps you build this web of the network, which might even lead to an alliance with another brand.

Maintains Credibility/ Portfolio:

Maintaining a good portfolio is important in gaining credibility. Consumers demand to see the impact your brand is making. The more you guest blog, the more you get to demonstrate your experience and expertise which eventually adds up to your portfolio.

Improves Your Content Writing Skills:

Guest blogging drastically improves your content writing skills, which you can use in writing content for your own website. Not only will it improve readability and grammar but also your writing speed.

You Gain Feedback:

Getting constructive feedback is an integral part of strategic planning for growing your online business. You can get some pretty good ideas, and guidelines from experiences people share in the comment section if your guest post is engaging.

Guest Post Guidelines:

guidelines for guest blogging

Guest blogging requires top-notch, well researched high-quality content, as a guest blogger you are not expected to deliver content any less than that. These are criteria for determining a guest post:

  • SEO Specialist should have an expertise in writing on a specific niche; identify a niche suitable for you.
  • Create high-quality content for your blog.
  • Dig out blogs with credibility and reputation in your specific field.
  • You can find such blogs by searching for keywords like “niche Guest post” or “niche write for us.”
  • Do your research and analyze the website for its authority, traffic, history, and links. Avoid dropped domains.
  • Pitch in your request for guest blogging on their website through e-mail witch a short synopsis regarding the value your post will add to their blog. Include all important information such as the Topic, the word count, what essential aspects the post covers, and how it adds value, so they know that your guest post is worthwhile.
  • Some blogs might demand payments for publishing your guest post. They call it a sponsored post or editorial fee. Paying for a guest post is against Google policy and might land you in trouble, so it is best that one avoids indulging in it.

Last but not least, always go for a Search Engine Optimized article while writing for a guest blog, so that it is able to rank and improve brand awareness of your blog. Learn how to find low competition keywords with high traffic to rank your website.


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