What is Organic SEO?

What is Organic SEO and how is it not quite the same as some other SEO, if that exists?

Organic SEO means getting great rankings for your focused keywords on different web crawlers without paying the web indexes for the positions. In case despite everything you’re pondering what that implies, when you complete inquiries on Google, for example, you see the normal outcomes, however at the top, and furthermore on the right-hand side, you see featured boxes, here and there with the heading “Advertisement identified with ‘search term'” – these are paid arrangements and you pay Google for each click or impression. 

Organic and paid SEO

Organic clicks are the ones that comes from your own hard work. This could be hard work on Backlinking which results in a high Domain Authority. This will then result in you reaching up higher on Google searching without paying Google for any of it. 

Paid click are exactly as they sound. You pay the Search Engine provider (Often Google, Bing or Yahoo) to show your link in the top of their users searched for the keywords you exactly wish for. This is absolutely not a bad way to go about it, but it is far from the only way to go about it. Paid SEO is very fast efficient, but in the long run, also incredibly expensive. We have customers with business’ that are still fairly small, that easily uses $10.000 monthly on paid SEO.


We do ofcourse help optimize these paid SEO campaign so they can stay profitable for our customers. In the end, that is all that matters. If you use $10.000 monthly on marketing, you should atleast earn back the $10.000, or else it would be a bad investment. So keep that in mind always!

A budget for marketing will often only be seen as a barrier to your own business’ growth.

What are the advantages of Organic SEO

Since you now know what Organic SEO is, normally you might want to comprehend “what are the advantages of improving the SEO of your site organicly as opposed to going for paid postings that can be incredibly quick and productive, in spite of the expense.”
With Organic SEO you can reach a much more trustworthy status of your business. This also requires your website to shine of trustworthyness ofcourse. It is in the long run also incredibly expensive to use paid SEO if you really want to reach far and wide with your marketing. Organic SEO allows this with quite a limited budget. Organic SEO is however incredibly timeconsuming, which is why you normally would hire a agency such as Skab Kunder to do the grind and to get some more experience and knowledge.

Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding the possibilities for growth of your business. We will gladly provide some market analasys and some realistic projections for your budget.

 A free website?

Here at Skab Kunder we do provide all our customers with the possibility to recieve a free website for their business, made by professionals with atleast 5 years of experience in graphical design and web-development. The reason why we do it like this, is because no business gets very far without marketing anyway. We have been making websites without marketing solutions, and it always ends up with the same problem. They get about 10 visitors a month, which is most likely friends and family, which results in them not earning anything on their business.

Please do consider contacting us, so we can get a talk about the possibilities for your business, and what the future might hold for you if we customize a marketing project just for you.