How to Rank Fast and High on Google in 2019

How to Rank Fast and High on Google in 2019

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How to Rank Fast and High on Google in 2019

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their visibility on the web, and many tend to find shortcuts for faster results. However, SEO is more of a long game, and Google ranking requires optimizing your website with the right set of keywords and design plus quality content to make sure it appears high in related Google search rankings.

So, if you are looking for how to rank on Google fast and higher, this article will list the steps essential to boost your visibility in the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) to drive more traffic and escalate exposure for your business website small or big. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Fresh & Quality Content with High-Volume Keywords

Google’s general priority is user experience, not backlinks, and if your content fails to deliver on this, it simply won’t rank well. Creating quality content depends on many factors, but the idea is that Google recognizes content that assists users to find the information they are looking for.

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So, you need to regularly update your website content with copy that involves your primary keywords and make sure it is factual and help your target audience. Maintaining an active blog is an easy way to keep your website fresh and relevant by allowing to create posts that utilize your keywords and tell Google your website is up-to-date without actually having to update your web pages. And, don’t forget to be consistent in posting, create a posting schedule, and stick to it.

Find and Make Use of Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that the customers type into Google when looking for information regarding any product or service. So, you will need keywords that your customers would use and make sure that you use:

Keywords that drive the most traffic to your business:

Find the most popular keywords related to your business. To find such keywords use Google Keyword Planner Tool. Then optimize your website using these keywords by adding them in blog posts and to web pages.

Keywords with high search volumes:

Even if you improve your rankings by just one position, you can almost double the traffic you get from that keyword. All you have to do is to make sure to use the keywords that have high search volume.

Keywords with high business value:

What matters the most in business is the revenue. So, use such keywords that have business value. So, use the keywords that are mostly used in terms of business, for example, the bicycle store in Seattle rather than bicycle chains. It will expand your reach to more potential customers and give a better rank in top Google searches.

Optimize with Google My Business Page

Google My Business is a free business listing from Google that allows your business to show up in organic and local results. It’s necessary to sign up to this page to get a ranking in Google local results. So, claim or make a new one in case your business page does not exist and optimize your Google My Business Page.

To optimize your Google My Business page use traffic-driving keywords in your business description. Upload images and videos related to your business and use keywords to name these media files.

One of the most significant roles played for Google My Business page optimization is reviews. The business pages that have higher views rank higher. So, make sure to get reviews from your customers and business partners. Likewise, try to respond to both positive as well as negative reviews because responses also boost your ranking.

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Last but not the least is to make sure that you choose Your Business Category carefully that fits best to your business and don’t forget to add your business details like opening and closing hours, facilities you give, etc. Remember that where you rank within the Google results is determined by factors such as the quality of your account and volume of good reviews your business has received.

Design Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile is the most used gadget, so Google ranks mobile-optimized sites higher than those which are not designed for mobile. So, optimize your site for mobile by using responsive web design. You can take Google’s mobile-friendly test to see your webpage responsiveness.

Remove excess content as mobile screens are small as compared to the computer screen, and this will also increase your page load speed.

Craft Brief, Unique & Descriptive Titles and Create ‘Click worthy’ Meta Descriptions

Most times, people tend to ignore the importance of titles and Meta descriptions due to putting all focus on technical areas and elements. However, these elements work as a mini infographic what your post is about and play a vital role in persuading people to click on the search result.

So, Craft an original and descriptive title as opposed to a chain of keywords because every page requires a unique title. And make sure your description is both unique and irresistible to click because Meta descriptions have a significant role when it comes to CTR, which is crucial to increase your traffic.

Other Ways to Optimize Business Website

In order to optimize your website in more ways, embed your business place map in your contact us or find us page. Use top-ranking tools to rank higher and generate more traffic and employ link building strategies effectively. Also, try to higher your domain authority (DA).

How Long Does SEO Take to Rank Your Website Higher

It may sound a bit frustrating, but ranking higher on Google takes time. SEO does not take place in a vacuum and depends on many factors, as every situation offers and requires a unique set of variables. Skill, the level of competition, budget, and how your website measures up against your competition are all key factors that play an integral role in how quickly it will move the dial. So, here concludes our list of pro tips that will help to boost SEO and improve Google ranking. However, you will have to be patient and consistent with these practices to achieve results.


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