What is a website and do i need one?

A website can have critical effect on your business, both great and terrible relying upon the nature of your site. All things considered, “81% of Shoppers Conduct Online Research Before Buying.” Without a site, it would be hard for customers to think of your business. A website can have alot of positive effects on your business. A well made website supports your brands validity and it makes you able to reach a bigger audience for your service or product.

A bad website can absolutely slaughter your business. If your company does not seem legit you will loose the majority of your possible customers. Its all about the ease of use and in general giving a great user experience.

Nowadays, your site is one of the principal things a prospect will search for when looking for a product or service like yours. In most cases they wont request business cards or your business’ physical location: they request your site address. 

In short: Get a website and make sure a professional made it.


How much should you invest?

An extraordinary site can have noteworthy effect on your business, especially how your objective market and prospects see your business. 

You website has to do alot of good for your business, so a big investment in a website and marketing is not a bad way to go about expanding your business. If you ask us, it is the absolute most effective way of going about expanding your business. We cannot tell you what is the right amount of money for you to spend on your website, that will always depend on the amount of work that the requested website will need.

If you would like a realistic estimate or an offer on a website, please do contact us through the formula on the front page.

 A free website?

Here at Skab Kunder we do provide all our customers with the possibility to recieve a free website for their business, made by professionals with atleast 5 years of experience in graphical design and web-development. The reason why we do it like this, is because no business gets very far without marketing anyway. We have been making websites without marketing solutions, and it always ends up with the same problem. They get about 10 visitors a month, which is most likely friends and family, which results in them not earning anything on their business.


Please do consider contacting us, so we can atleast get a talk about the possibilities for your business, and what the future might hold for you if we customize a marketing project just for your business.